The road less travelled has widened considerably in these accelerated spiritual times. Many are beginning to wake up to their true nature and the inherent peace therein. I am dedicated and passionate about assisting clients to recognize, connect and trust this power that is available to all of us.


I work to create a permanent shift primarily through the Dalian Method, Spiritual Counselling and Regression Therapy. By working  simultaneously with mind, body, emotions, spirit and consciousness, the unconscious conflicting thoughts held and repressed in the body are transformed.


Clients go through an expansive process whereby the unconscious veils of illusion are dissolved. Vibrations are elevated and their natural inner essence shines through. Clients take responsibility for creating direction in their lives and thus begin to attract new scenarios, make healthy choices and focus on their goals.


Having had an awakening at age 26, I have explored and studied many philosophies, schools of thought and processes which have greatly assisted my growth. I am an avid student of Advaita Vedanta and A Course In Miracles,  both of which permeate contemporary spiritual thought and experience.


As a Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher, I also offer development through meditation circles and Reiki healings.



The toolbox of modalities includes:

Dalian Method

Regression Therapy

Inner Child Regression

Past Life Regression

Body Therapy

Spiritual Counselling

LBL Life Between Lives Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy





Dalian Method Facilitator

Mada Eliza Dalian, Canada

Spiritual Counsellor DipH

The Holistic Living Training Institute (HLTI)

Regression Therapist DipRT

Dip (PLRA) Past Life Regression, Academy, UK

 LBL, (Lives Between Lives) Certificate

PLR Academy, UK

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Inner Fulfilment

Meditation Teacher

Meditation Teacher Training – Melbourne

Reiki, I II & Master

Usui Method – Plenty “Hands of Light”

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