Life Between Lives (LBL) Therapy 


I had read extensively about Life Between Life hypnotherapy, with great interest at other people's experiences, but had been reluctant to seek out a session for myself, as I was not certain I would get such powerful results. After meeting with Ria, my mind was instantly at ease, and shortly thereafter, I went on a profound journey, which I can honestly say expanded my outlook on life. Ria's calming nature allowed me to enter a deep hypnotic state with ease, and her words patiently and confidently guided me through a vivid and conscious expanding journey to the spirit realm, where I had many answers and insights provided for me. This experience has allowed me to progress on my spiritual journey, and has provided me with a constant sense of comfort as to why I am here. Thank you Ria for such a wondrous experience!


- Simone 

Regression and Counselling Therapy


I have been interested in doing past life therapy for some time.  I

particularly wanted to explore the possible causes this life time for

discord within my current extended family. I visited Ria on two occasions

and can only describe my experience as extremely insightful with respect to the issues that I brought to the session. Indeed the results have helped me to "put the pieces of the puzzle" together in a most profound way.  My negative emotions regarding the situation have subsided considerably and

left me feeling more at peace with the issue.

Ria is an extremely professional therapist who exudes a warm and reassuring manner at all times.  This is most important as one needs to feel that you are in safe hands when undertaking this type of work.

I highly recommend Ria to anyone seeking a caring and ethical therapist to

be your guide through the amazing journey of past life regression. x

- Deb



I had often heard of the benefits of hypnotherapy in relation to personal struggles that we all face from time to time. I was unsure if hypnotherapy would give me the help I needed, but as someone who has struggled with anxiety issues on and off for my whole life, I was willing to give it a go. From the very first session, I knew I had made the right decision giving it a try. Ria's pre-hypnosis consultation was thorough and caring, ensuring she could tailor a hypnosis especially suited to my needs. Ria's impeccable technique continued through each session, and for me, results were almost immediate. I felt at ease with the world, and the people around me, and no longer felt like I was overwhelmed in social situations. Ria's hypnosis also provided me with techniques I could use ongoing, for any future anxiety 'flare up's' I might have. I am thrilled with my results, and now, for the first time in a long time, feel comfortable with what the future might bring. Thank you Ria. 

- Carla

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